Monday, February 24, 2014

Let Me Ask You A Question

Do you Think Someone Would Forget They Had a $1000

I dont give a fuck what lightweight pills I was on I had 1700
and i had 700 when i was back

they took me to the hospital because i had a screwdriver in my room they claimed that i was a weapon and they dont even understand my situations here with 2 drunks and i am the scapegoat of most problems here because 4 people here drink and i dont so i just shut up and say whatever the fuck i want on here


  1. they opened my safe cuz the money wasnt where i had it counted last time i had it written down not when i got 700 given back from my grandfather

  2. man what the fuck happened please comment im lost and im always the type to figure out something especially if it was me who it was done to

  3. its either the cops who handcuffed me to a chair and 7 of them were here or it was my family or both