Monday, February 24, 2014

Let Me Ask You A Question

Do you Think Someone Would Forget They Had a $1000

I dont give a fuck what lightweight pills I was on I had 1700
and i had 700 when i was back

they took me to the hospital because i had a screwdriver in my room they claimed that i was a weapon and they dont even understand my situations here with 2 drunks and i am the scapegoat of most problems here because 4 people here drink and i dont so i just shut up and say whatever the fuck i want on here

If We Really Wanted To We Could Run Our Own Country

We Would All Need To Build GreenHouses In Our Backyard and grow lots of vegetables.
We Would also need animals, but other than that i feel the government is not good news, it helps in a little way. Ultimately they have all the money

it would take a lot of work from each and every one of us to make our own country like it was supposed to be.

we would have to make our own currencies etc or go back to bartering

but who knows will happen they dont own all of us unless we are all separated at once

I Dont Even Give A Damn

Plus I Got Anxiety Im Always Worrying I Should Be On Xanax Im Even Taking These Other Pills They Dont Even Work I Also Smoke My Good Weed And Drink Lots Of Coffee. And eat pizza and pop

Sometimes I dont Even Feel Its Safe To Blog

I Dont know why but i dont like speaking all the time when im by myself im really quiet i feel this is my only way of expressing myself because of my family

All These People Will Hate Someone Who Tells The Truth About The Government

They help us out to an extent but other than that they are the true scammers. Look at all the bills they are passing and I know even without watching the news.

They do construct roads but ultimately we are in control besides what they build we just need to team together the lower, lower middle, and middle class.

If somebody you know is struggling at the gas station unless you dont feel comfortable then give him a few cents or a dollar.

Try to Start helping people out that you see but dont let them take advantage of it though

I am the type if I see someone struggling I always help them out unless I dont think its right

I always try to follow my instincts

Leave Me A lone

All I Do Is Smoke Small Amounts Of Weed is down

Until I Can Get Things Figured out with

If You Are Scared To Go Outside You Need To Sometimes

Because We Need To Know Whats Going On Outside So We Know What The Governments Next Plan Is I Feel They Are Going To Try To Take Control Soon Maybe Within A Few Years Or Less

The Government Says Fuck Us


I Feel A Revolution soon as They Are Removing Our First Amendment Soon!

I Feel A Revolution soon as They Are Removing Our First Amendment Soon, they are in the process of taking away freedom of speech to every person that is not a company or something like that, I will update or make a new post when I find out more information on it, but get ready things are getting heated, and the weather is warming up soon!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Look at all the Trillions Of $ Of Debt We Are In!

Look at all theTrillions Of $ Of Debt We Are In!

Ever Heard Of Some Stories

Evil, Dirty Politicians, Cops, Teachers. There is good and bad in every place. So Just Stick With The Good People And You Will go Further In Life!

The Government Scam

The Government Scam!